Why Choose Pool Screens Over Other Sun Protection Types

Pool Chairs Beside a Swimming Pool 
under a mesh sunscreen

Pool screens are one of many sun protection types that Orlando homeowners use year round. Because of its climate characterized by intense sun, high temperatures and humidity, Florida residents need more than SPF on their nose.

While there are plenty of sun protection types, here’s why we recommend pool screens over the others

UV Protection Without Compromising the View

Just because you want to shield yourself and your family from harmful UV rays, doesn’t mean you want to shield yourself from the rest of your world. While you’re enjoying your outdoor pool, you should be able to keep your eyes on your kids and pets, or simply enjoy your own backyard views. Pool screens allow you visibility while offering protection from the sun.

Versatility and Aesthetics

We love pool screens because they can fit into almost any pre-existing outdoor space without looking out of place. They can be integrated into different architectural styles, come in a variety of colors and instead of being an eyesore, these screens can actually enhance your outdoor aesthetics.

Durability and Maintenance

Installing a mesh sunscreen

If you’re a homeowner in Orlando, we don’t need to explain the way the heat and humidity can affect anything left outside for too long. We use high-quality screens that are designed to withstand weather conditions year round. Additionally, these screens are fairly low maintenance in comparison to other sun protection choices, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who would like to spend less time worrying about their sun screens and more time enjoying their backyard. Our installation experts will ensure the longevity of your pool screens, and therefore, your outdoor space!


Unlike a permanent outdoor structure (although we can build those, too), pool screens offer a lower cost solution to sun protection and privacy. You won’t need to spend thousands and thousands on labor and materials, as these sun screens are quick and easy for our team to install.

Pool screens are the ideal choice for Orlando homeowners who want sun protection and privacy, done quickly!

Enjoy your backyard this year without buying a dozen clunky umbrellas or trying to fabricate something on your own to protect your family from the sun. Our team is ready to build the perfect pool screen enclosure to help block UV rays without getting in the way of a good time in your pool or other outdoor space. Contact us to make your backyard vision come to life!