About I-Khan Renovations

Renovating homes, pools and patios in Orlando and the surrounding suburbs.

Make your design and renovation dreams come to life with the help of I-Khan Renovations. Our team is dedicated to working closely with each client to understand their vision, goals and budget. With decades of design and renovation experience with a passion for hospitality, I-Khan Renovations continuously creates beautiful spaces and happy clients.

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Why I-Khan Renovations Was Started

After being in and around the industry of home renovations, it became clear to the founders of I-Khan where craftsmanship and customer service was lacking in other companies. I-Khan recognized the importance of a trustworthy relationship with each client and taking a vested interest in every project. I-Khan wanted to provide homeowners with renovation services that are not only cost-effective and headache-free, but expertly executed as well.

Who We Are

waseem khan of ikhan renovations

Waseem Khan


With a background in the service and hospitality industry, Waseem has seen firsthand how important it is to listen to and honor the customer. Now as the founder and face of I-Khan, he uses everything he’s gained over the years to deliver exceptional customer service in the form of home renovation.

Waseem has always had an eye for design and beauty. He gets his inspiration from his frequent worldwide travel, from admiring architecture around him, and from design shows and magazines.

Waseem teamed up with Evaldo after Evaldo did exquisite work on Waseem’s home. He was impressed with the efficiency as well as the attention to detail Evaldo gave, every step of the way.

Waseem loves to help take a family’s vision for their home and make it a reality, all while being efficient, cost-effective and meticulously clean. Clients are always happy to do business with Waseem- they love him for his professionalism, his customer service and his ability to help each person dream big when it comes to their home renovation project.

evaldo bernado of ikhan renovations

Evaldo Bernado


Evaldo comes from a family of builders and started building homes under his father’s supervision as a teenager in Brazil. Taking this opportunity to become a founder in a business he is so passionate about has been a dream come true for Evaldo.

Having years of experience, Evaldo is skilled in many areas of home renovation. He has an eye for how to get a job done quickly and to an incredibly high standard.

According to Waseem, watching Evaldo work on a home is like watching an artist work with their craft. Evaldo puts his heart into the projects he is part of and clients notice the difference.

Evaldo loves to be able to create a dream space for clients, whether it be the perfect floor, bathroom or patio. And like Waseem, he is attentive to detail throughout each home renovation project.

Because of his connections within the community, Evaldo has built a reputation for himself as a trustworthy and steadfast worker and comes highly recommended.

How I-Khan Does Things Differently

Customer First Approach

When it comes to home renovation, we understand some of the hesitation and feelings of reservation clients may have before (and sometimes during) a project. We make our clients feel comfortable by keeping the lines of communication open and having transparency when it comes to pricing and timelines. We always address questions and concerns in a helpful and prompt manner. Our goal is the same as yours: creating a beautiful new space in your home.

Cost Effective Projects

With I-Khan, there will be no hidden costs or surprise fees. When we take on your home renovation project, you purchase the materials (with our guidance) and you only pay us for the labor. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for. We communicate regularly with our clients each step of the way to keep them informed about the timeframe and all expected charges.

Efficiently Completed Renovations

Unlike some construction companies and other home renovation businesses, we never take on more jobs than we can handle. When we agree to a project, we work efficiently to get the job done in a timely manner. With I-Khan, you will never wait around for months wondering when your home renovation job will be completed. We love getting to the final product, just as much as you, so our team is motivated and excited to stay on the job until the work is complete. Our turn-around time in quick and we always keep you informed if there will be any delays in service, parts or materials.

High Standard Promise

Our passion lies in the details. Our highly experienced team of renovation professionals attends to each detail throughout the entire renovation process. We execute each project with your vision at the forefront. Whether you want an extravagant new bathroom, or your kitchen floor re-tiled, with I-Khan we dedicate the time and effort to do the job the right way, each and every time. We have high standards for ourselves, our crew members, and for the completed home renovation project. Not only will you be satisfied with the work we have done, but we promise to leave your space cleaner than it was when we began. You’ll be able to use your newly renovated space without having to first dust or mop.

Start Your Home Renovation Project

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Your first step in renovating your kitchen, bathroom or patio is to call I-Khan. With your ideas and our team of professionals, I-Khan can help you envision and build exactly what you are looking for. Whether you already have a design in mind or are unsure of where to start, call us for a free consultation where we can talk about your goals and vision for your home renovation.